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Most teenagers experience a time in their life when they become depressed. There are many causes for depression to occur, a death in the family, fear and feeling of being alone, and a bad break-up can all cause anyone, not just teenagers to become depressed.

One reason for depression is a death in the family, or of a very close friend. I personally have experienced this one more than I should have. My sophomore year in High School I had lost my aunt Lenore, and a very close family friend of mine who was only four years old. Both of their deaths occurred with in one month of each other. During this time, I stayed home, slept, and stopped eating all together. Though I look back now and realize that those were all bad ways of dealing with it, that is how I dealt and coped with my depression.

Another leading cause of depression is the act of being and feeling lonely.

Many people go through this feeling when it comes to Christmas and holiday times, and even a change in weather. When a person is overwhelmed with all these emotions they tend to isolate themselves from their family, friends and most importantly the ones who care the most about them. When a person is depressed, and feeling sad and lonely they tend to turn to sad music. Many people don't understand why they do this; to them, it helps them cope. Yes, it brings back bad memories from their past, and they often isolate themselves in their rooms but in due time, they will over come it.

The last leading cause that causes someone to become depressed is a bad breakup of a relationship. My best friend Diana broke up with her boyfriend Mike of two years last Christmas. After the break up I noticed her not going out anymore, sitting at home, eating tons of junk food, and all in all, isolating herself from reality. For months after the breakup the depression started to show through her appearance in herself, in her schoolwork and even on the job.

Many different aspects of life bring upon depression. Every person deals with it differently, and though it may not make sense to one person, it does to the person who is going through it. Always remember, you never know what it's like until you walk a mile in their shoes...