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Depression is an illness much like the flu or a headache; sometimes these illnesses requires medication and sometimes medication is not needed. Depression is an illness that is believed to affect the chemical balance in the brain. Depression refers to a feeling; it is when you are feeling sad or "blue"� and things that you usually enjoy no longer give you pleasure. Depression can come from many different aspects of life but is usually triggered from a sense of loss, loss of a loved one or loss of a friendship. Other losses can also trigger depression "...such as the passing of youth, diminishing of sexual prowess, money reverse, accidents, etc."� Depression has many irregular effects on the brain. Depression eats away at everything good in your life taking the joy out of everything that an individual would normally love. Depression can be brought on by numerous disappointments in a person's life, or they can be from a single thing that has happened.

Although people who are depressed, almost always have a trigger (a single event that causes a person to be depressed) to their illness. Depression can effect society because it is almost like it is contagious. If you are trying to help a person with depression and they don't want help you may end up being pulled in with them. Depression is like a societal disease but people have to want to be cured.

Depression effect peoples communication skills. Depressed people don't want to be around other people, they think that they want to be alone. Often though it is because of lack of attention (wither it be from parents, partner, or friends) that they become depressed. People with this illness lack the motivation to work or to be a useful part of society they have trouble thinking of...