Describe America’s problems with other countries during the 1780s and 1790s.

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Since the declaration of independence in 1776, the thirteen America colonies had war against Great Britain. After eight years of war against Great Britain, America won their independence by Treaty of Paris in 1783. The United States struggled to protect the young nation and confronted many challenges in creating their dream nation. One of the challenges was controversy with other nations. During the 1780's the United States faced difficulties with two nations, which are England and Spain, still remained occupied in North America.

After the Revolutionary War, the United States still had tension with the British. The British refused to fulfill the Treaty of Paris, still occupied western forts and demanded America to repay war debts first. The British even encouraged Indian resistance in the Northwest. They furnished weapons and supplies to Indian tribes refusing to surrender territories to the America. In addition, England also refused to grant trade concessions to America, and it made tougher for the country to overcome the economic depression.

The United States also had problems with allies in 1780's. Spain, which governed Mississippi River and the Port of New Orleans, was astonished by the expansion of Americans in the Kentucky and Tennessee area and saw this as a potential threat. In order to confront this threat, the Spanish government barred Americans access to the river, which was a vital artery for travel and commerce.

During the 1790s, the French Revolution became the big issue and aroused controversy within American politics and diplomacy. In the early days of the French Revolution most Americans supported the fight for the civil rights. However, after King Louis XVI and his wife were executed, American public opinion on the revolution became a sharp conflict. New French government, the Jacobins, started a war against England, Spain, Austria, and Prussia in...