Describe the impact of World Trade Organization's globalization strategy on Taiwanese agriculture.

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The World Trade Organization (WTO) is an international organization which is devoted to reducing the tariff and contributes to oversee agreements between its members. In 2002, Taiwan joined the WTO. Before that, there were several unusual things happening in Taiwan. For example, people were trying to store the goods and wine and so on. Farmers started worrying about losing their jobs after joining the WTO. However, after joining, the market gradually became stable again and some farmers also found new ways to make a living on their own. The impact on agriculture after WTO entry was enormous and farmers still needed time and government's assistance to go through the transition duration. I will explain those in the following paragraph. The government also needed to strategically manage updated and adjusted policy for the substantial development of agriculture. Since Taiwan has joined the WTO, this essay explores advantages as well as the disadvantages of membership of WTO.

Lastly, I will conclude the research by making some suggestions.

1. The impact on agriculture after Taiwan joined the WTO.

In January 2002, Taiwan joined the WTO, due to increase the import of foreign produce, such as, rice, vegetables, wines, livestock, and so on. Farmers were in fear of losing their jobs despite the government continuously arranged a budget to subsidise the produce that had been expected to be hurt after the WTO entry. In fact, the agriculture of Taiwan usually produce enough foods to supply the demand of the market; however in the fear of the inflation of the produce price, people also bought as much as goods and foods to encounter the change. The average income of a farmer was 24914$ in 2002 , which only included 20.49% from agricultural activities. Also, 80% of farmers had par-time jobs or non-agriculture full-time jobs(