Describes what christians believe in and what I as a catholic beleive in.

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C.A.L.L Paper #1

As this paper is based on the four cornerstones of Azusa Pacific University, Christ, Action, Living, and Learning, I am going to have a difficult time writing it. I am a very strong Catholic and do not believe in the actions needed to be taken to be a good Christian. As I disagree with the "cornerstones" of Azusa Pacific University I will focus this more on how I feel about the manner and action-goals I can set to help me in what I believe in. I just ask that you do not look at my beliefs as "non-Christ like" or with a bias like so many others on this campus do, just please respect what I believe in because I will not change and because no one has respected that offer on this campus.

The first cornerstone is Christ which basically talks about how a healthy Christian needs to develop a very personal relationship with Christ.

With this personal relationship comes Salvation and Sanctification. The definition of Salvation is "deliverance from the power or penalty of sin; redemption." In talking with many Christians I have found that they themselves ask Jesus for forgiveness of sins, for their "Salvation." The definition of Sanctification is "to make holy; purify." To me it seems as in developing this personal relationship with Christ Christians believe that it will make them holy and allow them to be pure in the face of Christ.

I do not have a personal relationship with Christ. As a Catholic I do not look to Jesus as Christians do. I believe God is above all and with him comes salvation and sanctification. For Salvation I make my "confession" with a Priest. When I make my confession it feels as if my sins are suddenly eaten out...