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The National Unity of Canada

The unity of a nation is a very important aspect of being sovereign. A government will collapse without full support from the entire nation. Many factors must be taken into account when determining if Canada's federalist government really works. This includes equalization payments, representation by population, and the amount of segregation exerted upon the various cultures in Canada. After looking at these factors in great detail, it is evident that Canada's current power distribution amongst the different levels of government works well and should remain as it is.

Representation by population allows for great national unity. It helps get opinions and ideas from the far corners of Canada. There are currently 301 seats in the House of Commons. Of those 301 seats, every province and territory has a seat. These seats represent the province or territory, and are used to express opinions and gather information from the rest of the country.

Also, the politicians in which hold seats help create laws for the nation. There are elections held at least every 5 years, or whenever the Prime Minister feels it necessary. If a party has enough members in the House of Commons to hold a majority of the seats in the House, then that party is asked by the Governor General to form the government of Canada. However, if the party holds the most seats out of all the parties, but does not necessarily have the majority of the seats in the house of common, then the Governor General will ask the leader of that party to form a partnership with another party to create a minority government. Currently, each of the 3 territories has 1 seat, while New Brunswick has 10, Newfoundland and Labrador has 7,

Nova Scotia has 11, and Prince Edward Island...