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George Washington's Farewell Address

xplored powers. In his two terms as President, Washington strove to live up to that trust. Though a Federalist at heart, for most of his two terms he tried to remain impartial on all major policy ques ... rtial on all major policy questions, and not descend into the growing partisan conflict between the Federalists and the Republicans. He envisioned a similar international role for the U.S., apart from ...

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Analysis of the election of 1804

tic-Republican Thomas Jefferson (the author of the Declaration of Independence) running against the Federalist candidate, Charles Pinckney. With the constitutional government still in its infancy, wha ... Louisiana Purchase agreement with Napoleonic France. This action that was vehemently opposed by the Federalists, who saw the newly gained lands being carved into more Democratic-Republican states, as ...

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Madison's Great Error: Religion.

nned the future of the United States, and explained the entire thing to the world in one document: "Federalist No. 10." In this document, Madison makes clear three major points that should be addresse ...

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The Democratic-Republicans.

kes and dislikes and the people's vote helps resolve the conflict.The oldest political party is the Federalist, which was lead by Alexander Hamilton in 1796. As usual, people argued their beliefs and ... D.C.Jefferson promised to create a more Democratic governmental society. He also still opposed the Federalists and issued a laissez Fair. It allowed the government to take part in a small amount of e ...

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State House Yard Speech on the Constitution

eople to explain the Constitution and answer to some of the criticisms that had been made.Wilson, a Federalist, and a firm believer in the validity of the Constitution, made his speech in response to ... ke Britain was insensitive to the United States when it was still the dominating country. Many anti-Federalists also thought that the wealthy families would control the new government, and there would ...

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Why the U.S. Constitution should not be ratified.

Ratifying The ConstitutionHello, Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is ___________ and I am a Federalist. As a Federalist I believe that with a stronger national government we will be able to ge ... eclaration of Independence. I am amazed at the compromises that are being suggested to win the Anti-Federalists' approval of the Constitution. I am also angered at the promise of a bill of rights! The ... the people I depend on because they in turn will receive more support from the government.The Anti- Federalist biggest objection to the Constitution being ratified is the lack of a bill of rights. A b ...

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Nationalism After the War of 1812 and Important Court Cases of the Time.

l John Marshall, an aggressive Chief Justice, further strengthened and expanded it. He was a devout Federalist appointed by John Adams years before his most famous case of Marbury vs. Madison in 1803. ... , after the war of 1812 Marshall issued more decisions that strengthened the federal government and Federalist ideas. In the McCulloch vs. Maryland case, Marshall ruled that the state did not have the ...

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Summary of the "Federalist Papers".

This document (the Federalist) will provide all the reasons to support the new plan of government described in the U.S. ...

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Jeffersonians and the Federalists.

Jeffersonians vs. FederalistsDuring the period of 1801-1817, the Jeffersonians and the Federalists were viewed differe ... came to the federal Constitution. The Jeffersonians were viewed as strict constructionists and the Federalists were more of a group of loose constructionists. Although the two parties had their diffe ... the federal government, they occasionally switched their views to help solve certain situations.The Federalists, led by Alexander Hamilton, were "laid back" when it came to their interpretation of the ...

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Marbury vs. Madison and judicial review.

Adams lost his bid for re-election. Thomas Jefferson was voted in for the president. Adams, being a Federalist, disagreed with the beliefs of Jefferson, a republican, and feared that he would shift th ... vernment to the states. To prevent this, Adams created many new judicial posts and filled them with Federalists. He did this in quite a rush, being he was going to be out of office soon. All the appoi ...

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An explaination of the 1st admendment and why it is so important.

as they are peaceful and cause no harm to any other persons.When writing our constitution, the anti-federalists were worried that the constitution gave to much power to the leaders, and not enough to ... worried that the constitution gave to much power to the leaders, and not enough to the people. The federalist and the anti-federalists agreed on a compromise. They would amend the constitution. This ...

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The Stregnths and Weaknesses of the Articles of confederation

of Confederation, while not entirely successful, were indeed a necessary stepping-stone to today's federalist government.Many people tend to think that the reign of the Articles of Confederation were ...

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The mass media as an institution

American Journalism began in the late 1700's and slowly fourished throughout it's time. During the Federalist and Republican era newspapers were circulated throughout the elite. This is due to the fa ... nge is the one sided stance each media group gives. Just as the Gazette of the United States gave a federalist stance each newspaper or magizine has its own opinion which consequently leaks on to the ...

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How does the separation of powers in the US constitution both facilitate good government and check tyranny?

of the Constitution to create new limitations and separations of power. Tyranny was checked by the federalist system because it established 'two sovereigns ', dual federalism, instead of one. Both na ... ing the people of America within the Constitution that defines them as a nation.Therefore, both the federalist framework and the separation of powers within the government enable oppression and injust ...

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Description on Canadian Unity, A very good essay, goes over all the basics and more on Canadian Unity.

upport from the entire nation. Many factors must be taken into account when determining if Canada's federalist government really works. This includes equalization payments, representation by populatio ... ce had. Keeping Canada together is by far the most important job of the federal government.Canada's federalist government must remain in tact in order for Canada to continue to run relatively smoothly ...

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The Great Chief Justice: John Marshall

nducted lectures. He continued the private study of law until admitted to practice that same year.A Federalist at heart, he not only served in Virginia's House of Delegates, but he also participated i ...

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AP United States History Free Response

While the generalization of Republican's as strict constructionists and the Federalist's as loose ones holds some truth to it, the beginning of the nineteenth century saw to a ... decisions of both parties. From 1801 until 1817 the Jeffersonian Republicans slowly converged with Federalist ideals and the Federalist's, over the course of Madison's presidency, became more and mor ... ed to run the country now so therefore it is up to the President of the United States to adapt. The Federalists adapted too, just in the opposite direction. They were known for interpreting the Consti ...

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The Czech Republic. Transitional Success: from USSR to EU

ars of Soviet control, Czechoslovakia once again became an independent nation, the Czech and Slovak Federalist Republic. This transition from Soviet socialism to democracy culminated throughout Centra ... amous and popular Czech dissident, became President of Czechoslovakia (renamed the Czech and Slovak Federalist Republic).This initial political victory represents only half of the nation's success. Wi ...

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Eerything needed about the Articles of confederation, the Federalist, Anti-Federalist, the elastic clause, federalism, delegated, express, reserved, and concurrent powers

ple; and that the president is to be elected for 4 years and is elected by the electoral college.2. FederalistThe leader of the federalist was Alexander Hamilton, they where lead by very popular peopl ... e very wealthy and where supported by the north east. They won the debate over ratification.3. Anti-FederalistThe leader of the anti-federalist was Thomas Jefferson. They where in favor of the article ...

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American Politics

American Politics9/21/039:05-10:00 TuesdayFederalist Debate ... and groups. The two most commonly groups that debated over the United States Constitution were the Federalists, and the Anti-Federalists. Many of the rights and rules of our national and state govern ... opposite attitudes on how our nation's government should be administrated. I was part of the federalist group. We had many strong views about how the government should be set up and we argued f ...

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