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The Tragedy of Othello - The Moor of Venice Character Study The character that I have found more interesting so far and that I decided to choose is Desdemona. I have chosen her instead of other characters like Othello and Iago that have appeared more frequently because in a way, I believe that she is the most important character in the book. Everything that has happened so far involves Desdemona in some way: Iago and Roderigo's visit to Brabantio's house, Roderigo's hate for Othello, and Iago's plans to take revenge on Othello for not giving him the job he gave Michael Cassio. Also the plot of the whole book is based on Desdemona's decision to marry Othello without her father's permission.

On a more personal side, I liked Desdemona because she seems to be a strong willed and determinate woman. Considering how hard it must have been to be a woman in 1604, all of her actions show how strong she is.

To go against a parent is difficult even now, so back then it was probably a million times harder and the consequences that it must have brought are probably worse than the consequences a girl would have to face now. By Desdemona deciding to marry Othello and go against her father, she showed that she has a mind of her own, thinks for herself and follows her heart no matter what.

As I already said, Desdemona is very determined, but more than that, she is also very courageous. Not only did she marry Othello despite her father's disagreement, (p.24) but she also confronted him, the Duke and the senators. Instead of going before them and denying her feelings for Othello and taking the easy way out of trouble with her father, she accepted that she was deeply...