Deserts Glaciers and Climate

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Axia CollegeOctober 18, 2009The earth is consisting of two biomes or landscapes in the atmosphere. These two are knownas the dessert landscape and the glacial landscape. Many individuals think of sand, dust heat andvery dry land when desert is mentioned globally, but in reality, a dessert can be either weatherdepending on the amount of moisture that reaches it. Desert landscape has a huge coverage overthe earth's surface. Desert landscape areas is defined that it is a simple area with 50 centimetersless than the normal areas per year in rainfall activity. Specialized character is vegetation andanimals. The desert landscape soil needs water to produce but not in so much length for growingfood or other crops. Few large mammals can be found in this area and because of size, waterstorage is not sufficient because of the extreme heating temperatures. Desert landscapes havefour major characters that includes semi-arid, hot and dry, cold and coastal (Johnson, 2000).

When it comes to the glacial landscapes unlike the desert landscapes has its own moisture asthe moisture is trapped in the ice that is form by glaciers. The largest reservoirs on the earthsurface are by glaciers. Glaciers covers polar ice caps and if an individual should travel or visitany mountain range in most of the continents glaciers can be found within those areas. There ismany different types of glacier landscapes, but depends on the altitude of ice flow. Such asthe desert landscape there are considerable amount of mammals that lives within the glaciallandscape areas. One biome on earth that forms a teaming activity with the glacier landscape areais the alpine, which teams with life up close in the glacial area. Not forgetting about animalsplants that survives in the glacial area, they are common but altitudes temperature seem to be adependability where the glacial area is concern, according...