The destruction of the feminine in Shakespeare's work

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Edward Bond, in his preface to the play Saved writes about violence that is wide spreaded in the modern world and most scaringly usually by the tehnically and culturally developed countries. Such 'civilized' societies intently produce weapons, their governments use violence and justify its usage in order to protect their personal intersets. Today, the consequences of violence are felt on the global level as well as on a state level. Not only do the governments of different nations have misunderstanding for each other but it also happens quite often that the government doesn't have much understanding for its own citizens. In Bond's opinion, it is exactly the lack of understanding between people and the inappropriate social relations that lead to the appearance of violence. Namely, he thinks that violence is the indicator of social injustice. Although every modern and civilized country has its laws that every individual has to respect and before which every individual has equal rights, not every individual possesses the same amount of power in the society he lives in, which is a crutial factor in the establishing of social order.

Those who have less power are in an inferior position to those who are influential and have more power. That way a gap is formed. " Justice", as Bond says,"is not an objective effect, a natural relation- it depends on a social relationship, on speaking and listening."1The existence of this gap represents a great obstacle in creating social relations and in communication. People tend not to understand each other well, they have different needs, different aims and the way out of this misunderstanding is very often found in the application of force. What happens quite often is that '' a desire for justice turns into lust for revenge."2 Those who seek for justice sometimes become...