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DeterminismDeterminism is the cause and effect of events in our lives, which determine our future. Everything that we do has a cause. It also means that there is a cause for every effect. The reason I believe that this method is true is because of many explanation; for example you throw a rock through a window that?s a cause, and it shattering is an effect. The window could not have shattered without a cause, which was throwing the rock through it, you eat foods that are highly saturated fats and cholesterol, as an effect later in life you develop High cholesterol and maybe high blood pressure. But ? if determinism is true, then there are always antecedent conditions sufficient for everything that I do, and this can always be inferred by anyone having the requisite? (Richard Taylor pg. 396).

A libertarian?s view on the issues is that we have free will in the sense that given the same previous conditions, a person could have acted otherwise, also individuals we are responsible for all actions even though they themselves did not change.

If the actions are caused, they are caused by our inner states.

A soft determinist does not believe in free will, that all human actions are caused by reason. There are explanation and justifications to explain, and to link our determined behavior to our actions. Thus choices and actions must be connected in some way for them to make sense of why things happen. The actions and decisions one makes usually come from a predictable event.

Compatiblists believe in determinism and free will. They hold you responsible for you actions, depending on the situation. Nothing effect your free will unless if it violates you. Due to our inner states, it does not believe in moral value. Libertarians believe...