How did Hitler establish a dictatorship in Germany by August 1934

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Adolf Hitler surfaced in 1919, joining the Nazi party as a minority. However, by 1933, Hitler surprised everyone by becoming Chancellor, which was seen as a remarkable achievement. Yet many people underestimated his abilities, and thought that he would be removed from power. Even fewer people would have expected that by mid-1934, Hitler would become the sole leader of Germany, establishing a dictatorship. This essay will show how Hitler cleverly consolidated power, using a mixture of legal, illegal, and violent methods to remove any hindrance and oppositions in the way; and how Hitler, viewed by some as an opportunist, others a planner, made use of six major factors including the Reichstag fire, Emergency Decree, the Enabling act, the Night of the Long Knives, death of Hindenburg and the Army's oath of Loyalty, which lead to his role 'Fuhrer' and Reich Chancellor, securing his position between the Nazis and Germany.

The first stage towards dictatorship was Hitler's rise to position of chancellor.

The combination of the impact of depression, long-term bitterness of the people towards the Treaty of Versailles , ineffective and vulnerable to destruction Weimar constitution, strengths and charisma of Hitler and the Nazis, the use of violence and intimidation, negative cohesion, support from the SA, businessmen and Reichstag, constant use of propaganda along with much luck enabled to his rise of status to chancellor. Hitler understood the people and knew what they sought after, and as an outstanding speaker, he was able to convince the people that he was capable to solve the problems they were facing, receiving support, and created impressions through propaganda and election campaigns, funded by wealthy businessmen such as a man with aggression, energy, enthusiasm and sheer size , and one being ahead of time as a communicator . Hitler also gained support by promising...