Hitler. His Rise to Power

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The year was 1929, the Great Depression had hit hard all over the world. People were losing their jobs, and their way of life was changing drastically right before their eyes; the people needed money fast. They needed to rebuild their lives and get back on their feet again, economically, politically, and socially. They needed a way out of this slump fast, and Hitler was there for the rescue. In 1933, Germany was facing a high unemployment level, leaving people to fend for themselves on the streets, Hitler took advantage of the peoples low moral and made them big promises of the dawn of a new era for Germany.

The social classes lost their meanings. The middle-class was ruined by the Depression: they were stripped of their livelihoods. The Nazi's promised them the one thing that were desperately in need of to survive: Bread!

The Nazi's promised to give the farmers repossession of their land.

Hitler had a way of persuading people to do what he wants. He knew what the people wanted and how to make them believe that they were actually going to get it.

Hitler was given a chance to go into power despite the doubts of he ability to rule from the Communists and Socialist parties. Unfortunately the both parties were wrong, he was voted into power , in March and was elected without a parliament. Hitler proclaimed a 'New Germany.' He believed that German culture was to be kept solid. His way of purifying their race was to burn books Americans, Jew, and Non-Germans. The philosophy was that if you destroy the ideas in the books, you destroy the people's ability to hold and be aware of any other beliefs than what they are told. The people of Germany were not exposed to any...