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A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing In the early part of the twentieth century in Europe fascism first arose. Fascism is a type of political ideology which is a counterrevolutionary. It was first introduced into the European society after the First World War which had a devastating effect on the country. Social problems also were incredibly bad, and to top it all off the communist revolution was at its peak. Fascism is a type of government that exercises a dictatorship of the extreme right on the political spectrum. Through centralized planning with private ownership which goes hand in hand with aggressive nationalism. Fascists believe that their state should be free of all other races which are not considered the ''national race''. At the top of elements which make up a fascist government is the use of propaganda. The twentieth century was marked by three European dictators who brought this new brand of government to their societies and each society crumbled after their dictatorship.

Francisco Franco was the fascist dictator of Spain. Franco, like all the other dictators who had extreme political views came from a military background. In February, 1936, Franco was appointed the chief of the new Nationalist regime. During this period Spain was in a Civil War in which Franco led his Nationalist part to victory over the Republicans. After his notorious victory he became the new head of state. Spain did not participate in the Second World War, but had very strong ties to the Axis powers. The first significant use of propaganda Franco unleashed was when the United Nations labeled Franco's regime as the ''last of the Fascist dictators''. Franco pleaded to the entire world that his regime represented the monarchy and the church, but in actual fact it did not. The use of terror was...