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The Invasion of Poland in 1939 The invasion of Poland took place on September 1,1939. This invasion marked a change in history for the whole world. It started World War II. There were many reasons for the start of the war, and one it started the world would never be the same. Cities and people were destroyed. Unimaginable things took place in Poland during this time, things that will never be forgotten.

The invasion lead to a great amount of bloodshed, but Hitler needed to be stopped and if he wasn't there would have been even more innocent people murdered.

In the early 1900's Germany was part of the axis countries. Poland was in a decent state of affairs. The two countries had some minor disagreements, yet they lived in a nonviolent manner. In 1925 there was a peace treaty signed by the two countries called the Locarno Treaty.

They signed another non-aggression treaty in the year 1934. Hitler even early in the year 1939 talked about how Germany and Poland could work together in peace and harmony to make Europe a better place. Yet even in this early time there were people being greatly discriminated against in Germany due to Nazi influence.

Before the war there were many different people living in the boundaries of Poland. There were 750,000 Germans living in Poland prior to 1939. Natural Poles discriminated against the German's living in Poland. The Poles made it hard for them to get job and pushed them away from elections, they received little help from the government. It is easy for people to discriminate against people who are different from you. During this time many immigrants everywhere in the world were receiving harsh and sometimes violent treatment.

In the year 1919 there were 2 million Jews living...