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World War II Essay A big part of World War II was the war in the Pacific. Many events took place that led to the huge decision to drop two atomic bombs on Japan, due to the rising conflicts. Many battles and conflicts caused the allies to decide to drop two bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Many people think that the allies' decision to take such drastic measures was immoral, others disagree with that statement and believe it was the correct thing to do under the given circumstances and arguments with Japan. The Pacific battles and dropping of the bombs were very important to the development and ending of one of the most complex wars in history.

The first event in the Pacific was Lt. Col. James H. Doolittle's raid on Japan using the aircraft carrier, Hornet. The Hornet accidentally landed in China, and the Chinese helpfully went underground and assisted 63 allied men back to the allied lines.

Next at the battle of Coral Sea, Rear Admiral Frank J. Fletcher took troops to the Coral Sea and waited for Japan. The Japanese went to Port Morsby, because they wanted to capture it, and the allied forces fought them in a 4-day battle from May 4 to May 8. This was the first battle in history where the two sides never saw one another; it was all done with aircraft carriers. The allies won and stopped the Japanese push south and ended the threat to Port Morsby. The next major event in the Pacific was the battle of Midway. Chester W. Nimitz, from New Braunsfels, TX was the commander of the U.S. troops. The Japanese wanted to take Midway Island because it would put them close to the west coast. The Aleutian Islands was used as a diversion.