How did HP define its business strategy with CEO Mr. Hurd?

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Mr. Hurd used a Lower Level Strategy and is a firm believer that the beauty is in the details, and began his reign as the CEO of HP by redefining the company's corporate strategy; from high-level futuristic planning to a strategy process that moves seamlessly with operations. He says, "If strategy isn't clearly driving ground-level operations, my argument is that you don't have a strategy."Mr. Hurd started to utilize a tactic that would measure the company's ability to deliver and their ability to execute very closely. He also focused on what is called TCE (Total Customer Experience), which tries to measure the "Did we do what we said?" "Did we follow up?" and "Did we deliver?" This alone scrutinizes almost every piece of that customer experience. By scrutinizing every piece of customer's experience, it gave them a better view of the total customer's experience from every angle posed. Since implementing his vision the company tries to measure it at the call center in terms of customer support and acquisition as well.

A No non-sense approach; that statement alone explains Mark V. Hurd and his vision. This is the approach he took when he took on the job of chief executive at the Hewlett-Packard Company. Mr. Hurd is a straight talking, no-nonsense, straight-forward; number crunching operational focused type of man. He wanted to end the drama that had escalated during his predecessor's time in the saddle so to speak by focusing and bearing down on the numbers, and spreadsheets. Mr. Hurd's no-nonsense approach has not been compromised or changed since taking over. Hurd's main approach was to calm things down and focus on the basics. He stated "we need to temper the idea that this company has to have some earthshaking event every 15 minutes". His message was very clear yet...