How did Islamic beliefs affect Islamic art? How did it affect the status of Muslim women? How did it affect the language of Muslims?

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In every culture, the beliefs of the people greatly affect every aspect of their lives. During the early Islamic period, their strict beliefs and teachings affected the lifestyle of the Muslims. Three of which are; Islamic art, the status of Muslim women, and the language. Muslims lived simple and pure lives, this surely did reflect upon those factors. In the present many ideas have have, but the core of their beliefs have remained the same.

The Islams were simple and straight forward with their religon, but their artwork wasn't really so simple. They used simple elements and made beaurtiful works of art. From basic ceramics like glass to textiles like silk, all were apart of Islamic art. Muslims made glass bottles, cosmetic containers, clothing, furnishings, and many other pieces of art. The development of the Koran had an great impact on the development of Arabic writing. Arabic script represents the expression of the will and strength of Allah, and as is known as sacred by the faithful.

One of Islam's most known calligraphers was Ibn Muqlah, he invented one of the most prominent cursive scripts. Certain scripts were favored for specific uses, in the Koran, Kufic was used. The Kufic script was often written in gold on parchment and was enhanced with floral interlaces. Calligraphy was not just used for two-dimensional works but also in ceramics, textiles, and metalwork. Gradually, as the Muslim faith and the nascent Islamic state became more established, a uniquely Islamic art began to emerge much more.

In the Islamic society, women lived very strict lives. The Koran instructed men to treat women with respect. Just as everyone was known to be equal, the women however were falling short. Males were the dominating force in Islam, and still is. The early Muslim women were...