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Ques. How did the south defense turn into a closed society? Why did whites join the abolitionist movement? The South turned into a closed society had a lot to do with pressure from anti- slavery groups in the North. The North had anti-slavery groups such as the Quakers that pressured the political system because of its power and large number of supporters. The South felt that slavery was essential to maintain and boost the economy and that there was no way that they could survive without the system. The North on the other hand didn?t think that it was right to hold people in bondage and felt that the South was using the economy as an excuse. I also feel that the North had a tinge of jealousy because of the profits and booming economy in the South and wanted the institution to come to an end so that it could even the playing field so to speak.

So the North and South were segregated by there differences, and eventually they were segregated by their laws. This was somewhat a defense for the south from being influenced by pressure coming from the North who generally wanted to see the institution of slavery come to an end.

Whites joined the abolitionist movement hoping the help slavery come to an end of in some way make the institution easier for blacks to deal with. Most of them were religious people who knew to have another human being in bondage was inhumane. Some of them on the other hand may have been jealous because of the fact that they could not afford to own slaves, so felt that no one should be able to own them because of the economic advantage they created.