the difference between Cuba and the United States

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September 29, 2014

The Difference between Cuba and the United States

The united states is the worlds largest national economy. The U.S dollar is the currency most used in international transactions and is the worlds foremost reserve currency and in many others it is the de facto currency. It's the sixth largest trading partners are Canada, China, Mexico, Japan, Germany, and the united kingdom.

The U.S is the worlds largest producer of oil and national gas. It is the second largest trading nation in the world behind china the U.S is one of the top performing economies in studies such as the lase of doing business index, the global competitiveness report and others. The economic history of the united states has its roots in the European settlements in the 16th,17th and 18th centuries the American colonies went from marginally successful colonial economies to a small, independent farming economy which in 1716 became the United States of America the gap income between rich and poor is greater in the united states than in any other developed country.

Starting in the 1980's relative poverty rates have consistently exceeded those of other wealthy nations, though analyses using a common data set for comparisons tend to final that the U.S has a lower absolute poverty rate by market income than most other wealthy nations. The United States has one of the least extensive social safety nets in the developed world, reducing both relative poverty and absolute poverty by considerably less than the mean for wealthy nations. The living standards for the poor in the United states are also among the highest in the world.

Many distinct organizations provide health care in the U.S facilities are largely owned and operated by private section business. Healthcare provision and spending comes from programs such as...