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The Different Ways of Killing a Mockingbird

Supposedly one of the greatest movie book adaptations of all time, and one of the greatest movies of all-time, "To Kill a Mockingbird" is an adaptation of the 1960 novel written by Harper E. Lee about life in a small southern town during "The Great Depression". Now, while it is an adaptation, the movie a very different creature than the book. The novel is a coming of age story that involves hypocrisy and racism while the movie is a movie about racism with bits of coming of age put in and hypocrisy taken out completely. Now, with the changed views between the movie and the book, there are bound to be changes and outright deletions of some parts. And the goal of this paper is to show what some of those changes are and how they impacted the story and changed its meaning

The first part of the story they took out was The Radley Game, which is where they badly reenacted the Radley case.

They more than likely took this one out because Boo has less of an importance in the movie, and they needed to make room for other, more racial themes in the movie since it was during the Civil Rights Movement. But this showed them growing up by going away from the mean-spirited game they used to play for fun. When it took out this it took out a vital part of them growing up by learning empathy. Without this, they could not have fully "grown up".

The next major thing is the absence of Mrs. Dubose, who is a major supporting character in the book. She is an old morphine addict who constantly insults the Finch family and in...