Different aspects of global comunication, cited examples from the BBC

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In an increasingly interdependent world no communication scholar or practitioner can afford to ignore trends in global communication which are central to the constitution of relations between the diverse peoples of the world. There are many different aspects that make up the overall area of global communication. But there are several main aspects. Of those are technological, political, geographic, language, and economic factors.

I will first talk about the political aspects of global communication. Theories of the political economy of culture and communication have played an important role in the development of communication. It is naive of us to not believe that politics play a large role in what we view. We see this in the way that the war is portrayed on different stations. As I discussed in my previous paper, channel 5, you could hear the sarcastic and opinionated tones, while the BBC simply gave facts, and moved on.

Nearly all variants of social and political theory hold that the communication system is a cornerstone of modern societies. In political terms, the communication system may serve to enhance democracy, or to deny it, or some combination of the two. Less commented upon, though no less significant, the communication system has emerged as a central area for profit making in modern capitalist societies. Much scholarly effort is therefore employed to assess the relationship between communication as a private activity, and the broader and necessary social and political duties that those same communication systems must perform. This is a central and recurring theme in media studies.

Next I will discuss the technological aspects. The view people take toward communication is changing, as new technologies change the way they communicate and organize. In fact, it is the changing technology of communication that tends to make the most frequent and widespread changes...