The Different Ways to Cheat During a Test

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1 December 2007

The Ultimate Guide to Test Cheating

Cheating is something that 99.9% of students attempt, or at least think about doing, at least once in their school careers. Students give the reason that teachers and parents give unrealistic demands for academic achievement, as well as wanting to "take the easy way out." There is always that 0.01% of students that are totally against it, but most students do think about it. Over the years, there has been much advancement in the art of cheating. Our parents tell us stories of writing the answers on their arms, or their hands, and we in turn share stories of knowing students who steal answer keys to exams. Cheating can be placed into a number of categories.

Old School Cheating

Ask any adult, that isn't a teacher, and they'll tell you a million different ways that students used to cheat when they were students themselves.

The most common, and still used method today, is copying off of someone else's test (there are many ways that this can be done). The easiest and best-known way is to drop your pencil, and as you are picking it up, look at the person's test who is sitting next to you.

Some other methods that are still used today are writing the answers on your hand and/or wrist. Although, this comes with the risk of a teacher seeing the writing, and thus

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taking your test away. Then, said teacher will probably rip your test into shreds (not to mention getting you into trouble with the administration).

Next, there is the ever-popular method of using your uniform as a way to cheat (circa old Loretto School for Girls). The girls at this school used to make cheat sheets...