The Influence of Drugs and Music in the 1960's

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The music of the 1969’s greatly reflected the people and behaviors of the decade.

It affected everything from the clothes they wore to the drugs they used.

Under the influence of drugs. Everything appeared to be a double entendre with a deep hidden meaning. (Kurlansky 183) The drugs made the music come alive. You not only heard the music, you could see it and feel it as well. With psychedelic music of bands like the Grateful Dead it was no surprise that people were usually stoned when they listened to the music. If you weren’t under the influence of some kind of drug, (100) the musical experience was different. Things stayed the same. Where if you were on drugs the music came alive, all around you was an amazing blur or music and color. (Madine)The drugs of the sixties included the psychedelic LSD and acid as well as the relaxing marijuana.

The use of the LSD resulted in good and bad side effects, such as nightmarish cycles of mania and depression or paranoia (Kurlansky 189)Acid was a lot like LSD. It also had good and bad “Trips”. Marijuana on the other hand was very different. Instead of tripping, you become extremely enthused and happy. (200) that is followed by a feeling of extreme relaxation.

Rock soon began to articulate that separate sensibility that youth wished to express, a world view that rejected the values of establishment and embraced a new. (Jennings Brewster 392) People wanted a change in the rules and establishment. But they believed things weren’t going to get any better. So they had to make them seem better, or completely forget about them. That’s where the drugs came into play. It was commonly believed that the government’s drug enforcement apparatus was an instrument of repression and a truly...