The diminishing influence of biblical values in public life today

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The Founding Father of my choice for our government essay is Thomas Jefferson. One of the many reasons why I chose Mr. Jefferson is the fact that he was the author of the Declaration of Independence. Although there were many delegates, fifty-six to be exact, who were part of the drafting of this document, Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration knowing it would cost not only his life,but the lives of all those who signed the document. Another reason why I chose Thomas Jefferson is because he was a notable leader and one to look up to. He not only lead a state, but also a nation. Many key men looked to Thomas Jefferson as a role model.

Born on April 13,1743, to the parents, Peter and Jane Jefferson, was a little baby boy named Thomas Jefferson. At the age of nine, Jefferson began his regular studies, boarding with a minister teacher nine months out of the year.

He continued doing boarding school until the age of sixteen, excelling in different languages. At the age of seventeen, he enrolled at the College of William and Mary taking many different classes. In 1762 to 1767, Thomas Jefferson pursued the study and practice of law. Under Wythe's supervision, Jefferson appeared as the nation's best-read lawyer upon his acceptance to the Virginia Bar in April 1767. For Jefferson, the study of law was more than just a means of earning a living; Jefferson felt that studying legal issues enabled one to consider many aspects of society, including its history, politics, culture, institutions, and the moral conscience of its people.

Thomas Jefferson accomplished many things. Some things great, and some things small. He became our President, a renowned lawyer, founder of the University of Virginia, and the author of the Declaration of Independence.