Diplomacy at work in today's world political society

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In today's world political society, the use of diplomacy is a tool that allows

countries to work out their differences in an attempt to avoid war. Diplomacy is

often one of the last steps taken by two nations before a war begins or even during a

war to stop a conflict. A terrific example of diplomacy and when it is used, is the

controversy between the Israelis and the Palestinians in the Mideast. These two

countries have been at arms for years and have just recently used diplomacy as a

tool to settle their differences.

Basically, diplomacy is a function of national power. This view was stated by

Hans J. Morgenthau and supported in his essay, The Future of Diplomacy.

Diplomacy, in the eyes of Morgenthau, is fourfold. First of all, diplomacy must take

in respect the objective and the means by which it can be attained. For example, if a

weak nation is trying to use diplomacy, it must first determine how much power it

has in relation to the country it is dealing with, and if it's goals are attainable with

that amount of power.

Secondly, Morgenthau says that a nation must also take into

respect the power of the other nation and the goal it is trying to reach. Basically, all

he is saying is that a country must also take into interest the objectives and

capabilities of the opposing nation. Thirdly, he states that diplomacy must

determine how compatible the two nations needs are. In simpler terms, diplomacy

determines whether or not two nations can come to a compromise with the issues at

hand. Finally, Morgenthau says that diplomacy must include the proper steps to

achieve a certain goal. Without one of these components it is believed by

Morgenthau that the diplomacy system would fail; thus,