What A Director!

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Managerial Exercise: "What a Director!" Prepared for: PADM 216 Prepared by: Analytical Approach I. Facts in the Case 1. Present Facts · Significant amount of money was missing from a special projects account.

· The Chief could not reach the Director of Operations.

· The director did not show up for the retreat.

· Her lineage shrouded in mystery.

· Discovered her previous employers she claimed to work for were no longer in operation.

2. Past Facts · Previous director quit three months ago in the middle of the annual audit.

· The Chief appointed the new director instead of following the band's personnel policy.

· New director was a registered band member and a recent MBA graduate.

· References were not checked because she was appointed to her delegation.

· Work ethic was exemplary with noticeable achievements in productivity and efficiency.

· New director developed a referent power base that allowed her to unilaterally make procedural improvements in the finance system.

· New director streamlined and centralized the Check-run system by 40%.

· The new director took the initiative to assist the school board with their financial difficulties they were facing with the building of the new school.

· Funding was not flowing properly from the funding sources.

· The bank had no policy to support an overdraft on their specialized, short-term accounts.

· The new director wrote a letter to the bank and requested a $100,000 overdraft based on the importance of financial leveraging and the band's loyalty.

· Received the overdraft and was able to guarantee the release of a significant amount of the new school construction fund.

· The new director indicates that the original site for retreat is cancelled and she finds a new location.

· Informed Chief and council that the special water...