Director's notes: Romeo and Juliet, Act I, Scene V. This is a set of notes directing the actors of the four main characters for a stage version of this scene.

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The start of this scene will have a large crowd of people on the stage in their ball outfits. The stage background will be that of a large ballroom in the décor of that period. When Romeo first enters the scene, he should act cool and calm, but also be cautious so that no-one sees his face. He is after all a Montague at a Capulet ball. He will mix with the crowds, but should not talk to anyone. As he is walking around, Juliet will join the crowd and mingle with them for a little aswell. Romeo will then see her for the first time and act surprised. After asking a servingman who she is, he will then use poetic, romantic language in describing her to keep faithful to the original play. This is a pivotal moment as it is the first glimpse of the love theme of this play and the language used in this particular part changes the mood dramatically.

Then, during Tybalt and Lord Capulet's conversation, he should be working his way through the crowds, grabbing Juliet and taking her away from the rest of the people at the ball. At this point, the crowds will move off of the stage and romeo and Juliet will move to a little alcove set into the back of the stage. Here he will make his 'pilgrim' speech to Juliet aand they will eventually share their first kiss. He will continue to use the same kind of language as before when talking to Juliet so that the mood of the scene stays the same. After they kiss, they will speak as if they are about to repeat everything, but just as they are going to kiss again, the nurse comes in and sends Juliet away. She will...