Discuss the different ideas and language techniques that Banjo Paterson used in the newspaper article "In the line of fire"

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Comment on the language used in the opening paragraph (2 marks)There is significant use of imagery in the opening paragraph. Banjo Patterson describes the pale sky and frosty sky. A further description of the atmosphere is given about the bombing that is present;“…and away to the east a faint cheerless white light beings to spread over the plains.”Another language technique used in the opening paragraph is jargon. The word kopjes which means a towering rocky mound is another example of language used in the opening paragraph of this article.

Patterson uses this descriptive language and jargon to capture the essence of the war and perhaps even emphasise it in a way of propaganda for the Herald newspaper.

Describe the sergeant-major (3 marks)The soldiers thoughts of the sergeant-major “applies his foot with no light force”, “greatest bully” reflect his image as a strict reinforcer. Yet the sergeant-major offers a reliable attitude towards his duties and his determination seems to give off a caring yet fatherly, unifying role to the soldiers under his command;“The man who’s shoulders the whole of the hard work falls; the man who is the buffer between the officers and the men.”What

is life like for the soldiers? (3 marks)Life for the soldiers is uncomfortable, the soldiers having “to gone to bed with their boots and clothes” and the constant fear of being unwell as shown through the soldier Charley;“I’m pretty seedy, major”The soldiers also face a demanding task to wake up in the morning;“As he pushes one bundle of blankets with his foot a muffled grown rises from an occupant.”Also contributing to the uncomfortable factor is the coldness the soldiers have to resist when eating their breakfasts;“The officers upheave themselves from under their carts and shave hurriedly, and eat their breakfasts in silence, shivering cold.”The War is...