Who Started The First World War

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For many people the issue on who was really to blame for starting the first World War is still inconclusive. There were certainly many things that helped build enough tension between the countries to cause a war. However, I think Germany is responsible for starting the war.

Germany was always an aggressive country and they concentrate on their military and defenses. They also had many enemies with the same reputation. As shown in document one, Germany is pictured as a giant spider trying to eat up land like the Ottoman Empire and Morocco. France and Germany were both out to add to their countries power by getting colonies for their own benefit. Morocco also brought them to war because France was protecting Morocco and that infuriated Germany.

Germany was the first country to declare they had allied with another country, Austria-Hungry. I believe because of this agreement it made war seem more like a reality.

France and Russia became allies because these two countries wanted to take out Germany. France wanted revenge on Germany because of their defeat of the Franco-Prussian war. During Russia?s hunt for land, they tried to take over Constantinople and both of the Straits. Germany was a highly advanced country, which made Great Britain angry causing them to join with France and Russia. I believe that all this was caused by Germany starting the first alliance with Austria-Hungry. That alliance forced all other surrounding countries to have to start making plans and decisions as to what would help their countries the most. Document two states that Britain could have prevented war by not telling Germany they would gain that allied alliance. I don?t believe this statement is true because Germany would have been involved anyway because of the Dukes assassination and the fact...