Discuss the factors affecting the accessibility of the Planned Parenthood Association of the Commonwealth of Dominica to its Roseau-based clients.

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AIM OF PROJECTThis project seeks to assess the potential access of Roseau-based clients to the Dominica Planned Parenthood Association, and to evaluate the realised access i.e. the actual utilization of the organization by the said demographic.

FACTORS AFFECTING THE ACCESSIBILITY OF THE DPPA TO ITS ROSEAU-BASED CLIENTELEThe accessibility of a health care centre is directly related to its utilization by the general public. According to Wikipedia.org, “there is a well-established pattern of utilization increasing with access, i.e. people who have easier access to health care use it more often.”Accessibility then, is most important to a health care provider. However some health care providers might need to re-evaluate their definition of accessibility in relation to health care provision.

Access is defined in Equity of access to medical care: a conceptual and empirical overview as, “a multidimensional concept that describes people’s ability to use the necessary health care, immediately wherever they are.”The

phrase “multidimensional concept” is the crux of the definition as most people view accessibility as a one-dimensional issue with regard to location and other spatial or geographical concerns. This common misconception is quite far from reality as the accessibility of health care is a complex issue that can be broken up into five main headings:The five main factors that affect the accessibility of the Dominica Planned Parenthood Association are geographic factors, marketability factors, social factors, financial factors and functional factors. These will all be discussed in detail with regard to the Dominica Planned Parenthood Association (DPPA) and its Roseau-based clientele.

GEOGRAPHIC FACTORS1.LocationThe DPPA is situated, as seen by the map of Roseau on page 36, in the heart of Roseau. On a street that is always teeming with people, especially with high school children, the centre is literally surrounded by its targeted demographic.

In an interview conducted...