Discuss some ways in which statistics are used or misused in different Areas of Knowledge to assist and mislead us.

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Statistics could be the most effective evidence for a powerful interpretation of reality. In many ways, especially as an IB student, statistical data is always useful for us to study geography, history and economics etc. Politically, it has been successful in propaganda since it used. That is because statistics enjoy a scientific foundation to present authorized interpretation of reality to the people by a very formal explanation to make them trust it greatly. In fact, each person has his own understanding and judgement through to the statistic description, and concludes the result at the end by judging. For my point of view, statistics could be referenced as a data to help us to reach a decision or judgement in the way of objective facts.

Can a person believe statistical data they could not prove otherwise? In my mind, I feel that a person could believe the statistic that present to him/her, while the belief is originally come from his /her perception, emotion, experience, reason, and acquaintance.

That a person will use the sentence like 'well, I fell...... or for my perception, emotionally,' etc, to explain why he/her trust the data. Obviously it is clear to note that what a person believes is not always the true, cause by overmuch be more subjective about the statistic. Personally, I believe that statistic will be distort our understanding while if we always being subjective to face some facts.

According to news and surveys, junk food have been the most harmful 'new products' that lead 300,000 Americans dies each year from obesity and related health problem, since many of Americans take fast food for their meals every day. Through the National alliance for Nutrition and Activity, a coalition of health organizations found that the original Mcdonald 's burger, fries and 12-ounce coca-cola in the...