Disease Of The Mind

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I have a cousin name Jill Anna, whom I most loved. She is 10 years old and she is a sweet heard to most of the people who know her. Others who don't know her, they affaire and scared of her because of her disease. She was born along with that disease and she has to carry it through her entire life. Her disease was known as "Disease of the Mind" or "Mental Illness." Some people define metal illness in term of "crazy." But that is not the right definition. Mental illnesses are disorders of the brain that disrupt to relate to others. Moreover, mental illness is the term that refers to "diagnosable metal disorders" that impair a person's ability to function in every day life.

However, this disease has put my cousin, Anna, into a dark and a quiet place that separate her from the outside world.

People out there don't accept her; they criticize her and put her down. She has no friends because people scare to come close to her. They think she might hurt them physically. The reason why people think that way was because they took the meaning of mental illness in term of "violent." Well, not all people understand what is mental illness really mean unless they do some research on it or have a relative, a family member, a friend, boyfriend or girlfriend that carry this disease. For example, first, I thought mental illness mean someone who is crazy or retarded. I didn't know what is mental illness really mean until I met my cousin, Anna. I was scared to come close to her because I thought she is crazy or retarded and she might hurt me.

Later on, after I had overcome my fear, I came up to her and...