Diversity: Flow Jet.

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In the past thirty years Flow jet has become the world's premier supplier of pumps, systems and services to move and control water and other fluids. Being the leading manufacturer in the United States; Flow jet has expanded its manufacturing internationally. Given its success, Flow jet employs over 42,000 people around the world. Flow jet is a very diverse company; its make up of different culture, opinions, ethnic, economic and social background allows the company to have a competitive edge. The diverse atmosphere has created a unique and very talented group of employees that generate creativity, flexibility, innovation and enthusiasms for new technology. Enable for a company to compete globally the company must reflect it's self to its global market by being diverse with in regards to the four functions in management (Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling. Planning is important for the company's growth that's why Flow jet employs individual with an academic background, great work experience, leadership skills and experience in a global, technology-oriented company.

These talented individuals with visible leadership skills can create and delegate future goals and also can forecast where the global market is heading. Organizing is essential for Flow jets successes because an organize company will have good communication skills. Since Flow jet is an international company, more than half of the business comes from outside the U.S.

Communicating internally and externally is crucial for the company's productivity because if one manufacturing source can not finish at deadline, another source can step in to help. Leading, in Flow jet is impeccable; the talented management team has leaded the company to earn them two prestigious certification; the ISO 9000 Certification and the ISO 14002 Certification. The diverse management team's commitment to quality, product, and the employees has made Flow jet one of the top producers...