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Diversity PaperDiversity in the workplace is a very broad subject and can range from the smallest difference, to one that can change the direction of an entire company. In this paper I will discuss four specific types of diversity and demographic characteristics and how they impact individual behavior. My focus will be on ethnicity, gender, age and personality traits. I will go into detail on each subject, giving my views, personal opinions, and experiences as to how each of these makes up diversity.

In the modern world that we live in the words “melting pot” come into play on a daily basis. By this I mean, that even though we live in a country with the majority of us being Americans, there are so many different nationalities of people that make up the word American, which we must be willing to look at how ethnicity plays a part in our daily lives.

Ethnicity does not mean the only difference is the color of your skin or the language that you speak, but the values and upbringing that each person has. Someone from Brazil is not going to believe or act the same way as someone from China. Therefore the word ethnicity plays a very large role in how each person acts and how they conduct themselves.

In my plant, I have a very diverse group of workers. I have people from Brazil, Mexico, Africa and several other places around the world. Each person has their own views and perspectives on how things are done and their own work ethics. It has been a challenge to get them to all work together and understand the way things are done in my plant. One incident comes to mind that is meant to be funny and to prove the point...