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According to the world, prayer is an address (as a petition) to God or a god in word or thought or an earnest request or wish, but according to God Himself, prayer is not only that, but a conversation with Him as one would have with another in everyday life. The world feels that there is only one type of prayer, on the other hand God makes it clear that there are various types of prayers such as: prayers of thanksgiving and praise; prayers for others and ourselves; disappointment, anger, and confession; and prayers of faith. Prayer expresses more than words, it allows communicating and spending special time with the Heavenly Father to ask Him anything the heart sees fit of all his or her burdens. The best advice is the advice one can get from God, because He is the One that creates and understands everything pertaining to human life.

When things go well in a person's life, he or she usually forgets about praising and thanking God for all the blessings given to him or her, but acknowledging God's numerous blessings received by His children every single day is essential for every Christian in his walk with the Lord, because it shows recognition to God by showing appreciation for even the little things in life that the majority of people take for granted. We can feel comfort in our hearts knowing God is forever, faithful, and omnipotent.

God expects prayer regarding personal issues as much as any other issue, so we can build a better relationship and understanding of our Creator. People that pray about themselves are simply sharing and expressing their feelings, but some think they are weak and reflect pride. God thoroughly enjoys people that are alone boasting about themselves in prayer, for the...