Divorce and Remarriage

Essay by nancydrewA, February 2007

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My parents divorced one year ago and my mom remarried six months later, so divorce and remarriage have become interesting topics for me in the past year and a half. I was seventeen years old when Mom decided she wanted a separation. Soon, it was decided that they would just divorce. I stayed calm throughout it, figuring I was too old for the divorce to affect me. I lived with my mom for nine months after Dad moved out. Finally, Mom and I got in a big fight because she was constantly talking bad about Dad to me, so I moved in with him. We are fine now, but I still find the divorce affecting me. I was genuinely happy when Mom got remarried because I knew she was happy and because I like my step dad. But sometimes just the little things make me cry. When I think about how her last name is different or when divorce is talked about in class, I have to try not to cry.

I believe my parents are better off not together. My dad and I have even become friends since the divorce. We rarely talked before. Even though I know all this and am happy with the divorce, I still cry occasionally. I do not understand why I do though. I am hoping this paper will help me understand why.

I read the "Divorce and Remarriage" article from our Understanding Society reader and found it reminding me of the divorce, obviously. I decided to dive into this topic because of my previous experience. I also read an article titled "The Multiple Consequences of Divorce: A Decade Review" by Gay C. Kitson and Leslie A. Morgan, which I found in our library archives online. It was published in 1990. Near...