Do Capra's movies accurately reflect the nature and essence of politics? A detailed paper on the answer to this.

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Frank Capra's movies, such as "Mr. Smith goes to Washington", "John Doe", and "State of the Union", all had the same theme. One small righteous person versus the big powerful, wealthy and sometimes corrupt governmental machinery.

These movies were written and shown years ago. They showed situations that were happening then or maybe further back in time. However, the main point is, that no matter what the time period, the situation will always be the same. And, the outcome is whoever has the money, is whoever will rules the show.

People viewing them must have been shocked to think that such improper conduct was so prominent in government. Many comfort themselves by believing that these were isolated cases and not the norm. Caper showed these corruptions in government then, just like we have in our government today, and probably will always have in government. But hopefully we the people will have someone leading us to stop the corruption in our government.

Just look at the first page of the newspapers today. The names and causes might be different, but isn't everything else almost the same? The government hasn't changed the society has, but no matter when the time, the way things are runned are and will always be the same, in some form.

Just compare these two examples from the movies "Mr. Smith goes to Washington" and "John Doe": In both movies the two heros were used by some tycoon to be the sucker in whatever scheme they were planning. However, both man were leaded in the right direction and shown that they DO have a say in what is going on and that they can change the situation is they just try. The little guy can win against the machine.

The struggle for the underdog...