Do the ends justify the means? give a descriptive writing on how they do or don't.

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Final Draft ~ Does the ends justify the means?

It all started on a cloudy Monday morning. Stanley's teacher announced that over the next week the school will be holding an election for class president. Stanley thought to himself that he could run for president and finally prove himself to the student body that he is a good student with a lot of ideas. The last president was the most popular guy, but he was a bad president. Maybe this election is just a popularity contest?

The next day everyone was working on their speeches for president in class. Stanley was the first person done and thought this election was in the bag. At the end of class, everyone went to the gym to give their speeches to be the president. When everyone was finished the teachers picked five people as the candidates for class president. The next day all the students will vote.

Later that day Stanley stayed after school to work on the yearbook committee. As Stanley was walking to the door he bumped into Mr. Meoff. Mr. Meoff and Stanley dropped all of their stuff on the floor. They picked it up and Stanley was on his way home. When he got home he noticed that he had some of the ballots for the big election tomorrow. They must have fallen on the floor when he bumped Mr. Meoff.

Should one cheat for something they know is wrong? If one puts their name on all the ballots and turns them in for a sure chance that one can win. One knows it would be wrong to cheat. One also knows the whole election is a popularity contest, and one knows they aren't popular. Then the conflict of, does the ends justify the means come...