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The Way I Wish To LiveWhen first reading the assignment on defining my philosophy of life, I began to truly dig deep in order to try to conquer this question. How do you really define philosophy or better yet, the philosophy of your own life? Eventually I came to the conclusion that I define the philosophy of my life by happiness, love and success. Through obtaining these assets, I hope that life in the future will be as prosperous and fulfilling as it is right now. It is very important to know who you value in life, as well as what you are here on earth for. Also, it is equally important to have a good foundation of morals and religious beliefs. I would define the philosophy of my life happiness, love, and success. I know that not everyone may agree that they need these assets to have a long and prosperous life, but in my life, I believe these are the most essential assets one could attain.

I say this because who does not want to be loved, have happiness, and become successful? I think at this point many would agree that you would be a fool if you were not to consent. I am currently in a very loving relationship and there is nothing better to know that there is somewhat to care and look after you. Also, my family provides a great amount of love through support and encouragement. I originally began my studies at James Madison University and in a matter of only a month I got walking pneumonia and tore cartilage in my shoulder. At this point in my life, I could truly say I was very unhappy. I find that happiness is very contagious and it really helps to friends that are optimistic...