How Do Men and Women Speak?

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How Do Men and Women Speak?

In general, men and women do not speak using different forms of language. For example, their style of speech and their tone of voice can be different because women's speech is more pleading and quiet. In contrast, men's speech is more aggressive and demanding. That could be the case because men are often in the position of power over women. Therefore, women are oftentimes found to use more respectful language. However, even though these stereotypes have the great effect in the ways men and women speak, there are also some differences in the ways the sexes speak that reflect their cultural stereotypes and social backgrounds, which also greatly influence the ways men and women communicate.

In my culture in Vietnam, women were not allowed to speak in public, only men were allowed. Women's speech was silent and men's speech was powerful. I remember this situation back when my family was in Vietnam. My dad had always been the dominant person and was aggressive. Being more demanding and bossy toward my mom because he never asked or said anything politely to her. He also had a stronger voice in the house. Even outside in public, my dad was the person who got to talk while my mom was supposed to keep quiet, staying in back of him. In Vietnam, my mom was not allowed to be in the men's conversation. If she wanted to say something, she had to wait until she got home. However, my dad's speech was very kind and nice in public because he wanted to give people his respect and kindness. He never said anything mean to people, or made them feel offended.

While my mom was never allowed to talk in public, at home was where her...