What do you hope to get out of philosophy? How do you know that you are getting what you hope to get out of philosophy? Is the grade a good indication of this, why or why not?

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Philosophy itself is not a subject in which everything is merely easy to understand, and from what I personally hope to get out of philosophy is not indirect answers to what is unexamined, but a greater and deeper meaning overall.

In contrast to all of this, philosophy has become part of my everyday in life in terms of the way I think philosophically, and how I apply philosophy to my writing in all my work. It has helped me gain better knowledge of everyday life situations and such to an extent that I too, have started to question almost everything like a true philosopher. In essence, this is an indication that I am getting what it was I was hoping to get out of philosophy, which was basically more wisdom and knowledge of everyday life. Philosophy has given me the chance to take a deeper path in life in which I can begin to live the unexamined life that most people have no clue about.

Most of what is learnt in philosophy is pricelessly valuable as we can almost apply it to everything and its something that will never be forgotten.

I believe that the grade is not such a reliable source to be used as an indication of whether a student is gaining anything out of philosophy Despite this, it does show the level at which students comprehend to the text and information of philosophy but everyone has a different way of interpreting what it is they are getting out of anything. Personally, I believe the grade is just more English based, accounting for how well u write and apply your knowledge of skills in a philosophical way. Therefore, I don’t believe in the fact that a grade determines a student’s knowledge of what he/she has accumulated...