Documentary proposal for 'Ned Kelly: Sinner or Saint?"

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The latter of Australians know of Ned Kelly. Ned Kelly the outlaw who wore an extraordinary suit of armour, led a fierce gang of bushrangers, and challenged the law and its enforcers. This documentary will look at the man behind the mask. To some, he is nothing more than a notorious criminal who unforgivably chose to take up arms against society. To others, Ned is a national hero, icon of the Australian imagination, and embodiment of the Australian spirit. Sinner or saint, his story deserves to be told.

The documentary will commence with a panning shot of the Australian bush accompanied by natural sounds. This will establish the setting and mood. After the camera has scanned the area it will track in on a young boy being swept off the banks of a creek. The screen will fade to black and the sound of running footsteps will be played.

The camera will now be focused on the legs of the running person. It will zoom out to reveal a young Ned Kelly trying to escape from something. He will come to a halt to catch his breath when he notices the young boy drowning in the creek. Ned will then heroically dive in and save the drowning boy. Back on the banks, the young boy will reward Ned with a green sash. This dramatisation shows the audience that even though Ned was a bit of a trouble maker in his early years, he was also very sympathetic and compassionate.

The dramatisation continues with the camera slowly zooming in on the sash as Ned ties it to his person. Using montage, the sash becomes tainted as it commences to zoom out, revealling Ned Kelly, now in his late teens, standing in a dark courtroom. The darkness sets an eerie...