Does domestic violence remain in the home and not affect the society at large?

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"Domestic Violence remains in the home and does not affect the society at large" It is quite difficult to believe this statement for we all are not ignorant - unless we choose to be - to the fact that domestic violence does affect the society at large based on situations that have occurred in modern times.

Domestic violence, broadly defined, is violence within a home. Domestic violence does not occur within a certain ethnicity, race, religion or economic status. Domestic violence is everywhere. Approximately 1.5 million women and 835,000 men are raped and/or physically assaulted by an intimate partner annually in the United States. Given this statistic we see women exceed the number of men that are victims of domestic violence. This is questioned by other surveys and data that have been collected by researchers. Logic is also given behind it: Men generally are more prone to domestic violence as women tend to be more violent, however, when men are violent they do more damage.

Therefore when domestic violence cases appear on the media women are the victims and the public consume this illusion.

Whether it affects the society on a whole depends on the influence of domestic violence on victims. The influence of domestic violence depends greatly on who the victims are. Men and women undergo different reactions to domestic violence. However, no matter the victim, in homes where domestic violence occurs, children in the home are at a 300% greater risk of being abused. Hence we can derive that children are the second largest victims. Children living in households where one of their parents is being abused generally see or hear it happening.

Victims suffer a variety of problems due to domestic violence. The major ones consist of chronic depression and pain, dependence on alcohol and...