How does National-Socialism fit within the model of Italian Fascism

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The model of Italian fascism fits with National Socialism because they are very similar in foundations and beliefs. However, Italian totalitarianism and National Socialism were dissimilar in the means it took to become in power. The Italian totalitarian state did not come to power through a social revolution. But the National Socialists came to power because Hitler promised social change to the people in order to get elected Prime Minister. Even though there is a difference in how they came to power, after they did theses two forms or government had very similar views on social issues.

The National Socialist of Germany or the Nazi party came into power through the work of Adolf Hitler. Hitler felt that Germany needed to be redeemed after the humiliating treaty (Versailles) which ended World War I. In order to achieve his goals he became Prime Minister by promising simple solutions to complicated questions.

Later he was put into power as total leader of Germany. Italian fascism came into power by Mussolini declaring himself leader in January of 1925. Even though Hitler and Mussolini came into power differently Mussolini also felt that Italy needed to be redeemed from the 1922 to 1925 period in Italy's history.

In Italy Mussolini kept most existing government offices however, Hitler replaced all of Germany's to attain total control by placing men loyal to him. Hitler also once he came into power disbanded the German parliament which put him into power in the first place.

National Socialism fits within the Italian model of fascism in most aspects however the National Socialism is a more extreme form. The Nazis and the Italians both used underground secret police to keep order. Using this they killed and imprisoned opposers to their cause to keep the public on their side. They also both...