Does Violent Music Encourage Violence in the Young

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Does Violent Music Encourage Violence in the Young

It is often said that you are more likely to commit a crime, or

commit violent acts, when you listen to violent music. Such as

hardcore Rap or Rock music. However, when you listen to

symphony's and soft, mellow music, society automatically labels

you as a intellectual. A violence less person, just ever so kind and

sweet. When that is not neccessarily true.

Due to the fact, that in actuality you can listen to Hardcore

Rap or Rock music, or music suggesting violence in general and not

become affected (persuaded) by the lyrics to act out in violence.

Just because you may have a preference for "hardcore" or "violent"

music, doesn't mean you intend on acting out that violence. And I

have real live evidence to support my statements. Now mind you all

of it is true.

Due to the fact, that I, the author, listen to Hardcore Rap

music. In addition to an occassional Rock song. And never once

has the thought of acting out what I hear in those songs ever ran

through my mind. Including, many others I know who also listen to

the same type of music. Now, that's just one of my few examples to

come. It's also living proof that all the "hype" about violent music

(and TV) encoraging violence in the youth.

On the contraire, I know a boy my age (15 or 16yrs.) who

mother forbid to listen to any form of music that suggested

violence. All he was allowed was mellow jazz, and symphonys, and

other related fields. So, to rebel against his mother, he fought in

and outside of school, and simply got into trouble. In addition to

teasing other students. Which are all forms of violence. And he

didn't even listen to violent music.

He listened to music that would fall under the "Good Natured"

category. Music that wasn't profane, or suggest any sorts of

violence what so ever. Music such as symphony's written by Mozart

and Bethoven. In addition to gospel music by author's such as Kirk

Franklin, and Mary-Mary.

To conclude this topic (Does Violent Music Encourage Violence

in the Young?). I say not neccessarily. Though the information I

presented to you were all Pro for music not encouraging violence in

the young, there are Con examples out there also. I just felt

stronger about the fact that it DID NOT. Just because you listen to

a certain type of music does not neccessarily make you the music.

Meaning that you do not HAVE to be violent just because you

listen to violent music. Nor, do you have to be some sort of

Peaceful inhabitant of the earth just because you listen to peaceful,

"Good Natured" music. That is just what "society" sticks out there.

And most people are brain washed with the idea that certain music

And forms of entertainment are "Good" or "Bad" which isn't always

True. That's just what the world and society in itself would like you

to believe. And remember, that very popular saying "You are what

you surround yourself with" isn't always true either.