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When heating a house, it is likely that the heat would escape depending on the type of windows that are installed. The heat in a house can escape from the windows and through the door, depending how old the house is, the heat can leave from cracks in the wall but that is more likely to happen to house built out of wood. If the house stays cold, it means that either the heat escaped or the radiators are not being used at its full capacity. The more probable scenario is that the heat escaped, in which more heat would be used to make the house warm, however it ends up being used as waste energy. Since the energy is being wasted on the heating of the house while the heat escapes, this makes people not only waste the energy but as well as their money on heating bills.

This is also the reason why when airing out a room; the radiator should not be running because it would waste all of the energy on heating the room that would leave out side of the window. Having firm windows and doors that do not let heat out of the house is important so that people would not have to waste this energy that could be used for something more useful as well as their moneys on the heating bills.

Double Glazed windows can prevent the escaping of heat from the house since they act like barriers of heat. They keep the warmth inside of the house and the coldness outside, since the heat that is generated inside the house will not escape, it prevents the use of too much energy for the heating. The double glazed windows work like insulators, the same way a...