The Double Standard Of Adultery

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English 1158 Revision Paper 1 The Double Standard of Adultery The readers of the New York Times were buzzing after it's October 1997 publication. An article written by Katie Roiphe titled; "Adultery's Double Standard" disturbed the hive. In her article, Roiphe discussed many well-known celebrity cases of adultery and popular culture. Her article argues that the standard for adultery has been reversed. In the past infidelity in men was allowed, and infidelity in women was not tolerated. Male infidelity in the past was simply passed off as men being men, but female infidelity was thought to be disgraceful. Presently men are labeled pigs and publicly shamed. Women, on the other hand, are now being excused and encouraged for their infidelities. Roiphe quotes numerous magazine articles romanticizing the adulterous behavior of women, relieving them of the responsibility of the negative affects of an affair. Roiphe calls this dangerous and I agree.

The double standard should not exist for any gender. Adultery is destructive to the structure of a family and a potential safety risk despite the gender of the straying partner.

Having read Roiphe's article, I think she would agree with me that adultery destroys marriages regardless if the perpetrator is male or female. Over 50% of marriages end in divorce. Various reasons are thew cause, read the statistics. Trust is a very word in a relationship. Cheating destroys trust. It is said that once trust is lost it is lost forever. Many couples hold this belief and find it difficult to remain in a marriage. Even if couples choose to stay together after an affair it is difficult to rebuild trust.

In, most cases adultery leads to the spouses getting dumped. Many movies have depicted tales of spouses being left for the lover. The all so adored Jerry Springer Show,