Dracula Reflections

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Marcus Jehlicka



Found within Bram Stoker's scintillating masterpiece, Dracula, are an abounding amount of characters, each different and unique in his or her own way. Of these most favored and ascribable characters is the particularly exclusive, Johnathon Harker. Commonly referred to as Johnathan or Harker, this remarkable individual can be closely identified by almost anyone, including myself, when one stops and considers how they would react to the overwhelming events, had they themselves travelled through the gothic elements that this novel so perfectly establishes within the first few chapters.

More specifically, had I been in Harker's position, I believe that I realistically would have maintained the same naïve and skeptical attitude, that Harker himself possessed throughout the staggering amount of unaccountable supernatural incidents that he faced throughout the initial stages of his journey. Harker only began to genuinely question his sanity, as I surely would have, within the initial days of his stay with the seemingly hospitable Count Dracula, who maintains the illusion of his intentions for an unreasonably long amount of time.

In saying this, I compare with the book's initial protagonist most, as I can reasonably argue that he and I are very similar. For example, I too would have disagreed with the folklore and myths had they been told to me, and would have maintained Johnathan's skepticism for about the same amount of time, being an atheist. I too would have also journalized all of the peculiar events throughout the journey, partially out of habit but mostly for personal reasons. Finally, I would have also sensibly attempted to keep my fiancé clear of anything remotely dangerous, as Johnathan attempted to do within the depths of the novel's plot, when Dracula's unfortunate fate is being determined.

In like manner, Dracula would be a mundane read...