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Rebecca McGinnis

Showcase Evaluation. Xx

Working as part of a whole team production was a good experience to have and I really enjoyed it. As we were all working together, we had plenty of ideas coming from everybody and people put constructive criticism in everything people did, so that we could do the best possible performance. Our group had a stage manager; their job was to prevent anything bad from happening and helping out each individual in our group as best they could. If we needed a prop for example, they would go out of their way to see what they could get for us. This helped my group out a lot because instead of running around finding props and solving problems we came across, we had more rehearsing time. Having a lightning technician for the performance was really helpful to have because the lights included made our performance better.

Instead of having to waste more time on sorting out a list of what light we needed, the lighting technician listened to our needs, wrote them down and then delivered them for us. The best thing about working with other disciplines was that there were different people for different situations and there was always someone that could help you out for a certain need, for example if you needed to inform someone that you needed music for when you come onto the stage, you would be able to talk to the lighting technician and they would sort it out for you.

In my groups performance, we had to have a white feather on stage to use, but a problem occurred when we realised we needed to get it on the stage before the performance started. Our stage manager Amy then told us that we would have to place it...